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Stephanie Antoinette Sims




Eyes - Hazel                                                     Hair - Brown


Height - 5’7                                                      Weight - 120Ibs





Dynamic Banter “Friday the 13th”      Co-Star


List available upon request


Take it Out                                            Lead                         Heesoo Choi

VHS Sandwich                                     Supporting              Exavier Orlino

The Things Left Behind                       Lead                        Ce Liu

Air                                                          Lead                         Eric Johnson Chapman University

Leo & Marie                                         Lead                        Louie Chapman University

To Love Unconditional                       Lead                        Zero Velocity

Arias                                                    Supporting               Enaction Studios

Ann                                                       Lead                          New York Film Academy

Morph                                                   Lead                          Biola Films

Life is Now                                          Supporting               Natesmovies

An Encounter                                      Lead                           Cal State Fullerton Film

The 25th Year                                      Lead                            Brooke Abernathy

Music Videos:


"For You"                                         Lead                            Rachel Jack

“Lost”                                               Guest Star                  Once a Thief

“Dakri”                                            Lead                           Dir. Luke Rodriguez

“It’s About Time”                            Guest Star                   Kieran Samuel

“Voicemail”                                     Guest Star                   Dir. Luke Rodriguez

"If and When"                                Lead                            Jonathan Alexander        



Acting 1                                        Vanguard University 

Speech                                          Fullerton Joint Union High School/Vanguard University

Actors Room                                Steven G. Lowe

IRIS LA                                       Diane Venora


Stephanie Antoinette has been acting since the age of eight. She first started performing in her grade school plays, and continuing acting into high school where she competed on her school’s forensic speech team. Stephanie has studied tapping into human emotions and how to convey them in dramatic and humorous monologues. She ranked eighth in the nation in Poetry Interpretation in 2014. In 2015, Stephanie landed her first lead role in the film To Love Unconditionally, which won an award for Audience Choice at a film festival at Vanguard University. Over the past few years, she has accumulated a roster of credits for her performances in short films, music videos, and photoshoots.

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